Metakoo CX-10W
Brand : Metakoo

Cheerson CX-10W WIFI RC Quadcopter Metakoo CX10W

This quadcopter is really small, although not any smaller than the description states. The size makes it look very cute and it is even more fun. I bought a larger quadcopter for my boyfriend for Christmas and he was really happy to play around with that. It has a camera inside too. This one’s camera isn’t as great graphics wise, but you can choose to watch it on your phone with the camera app or tell it to record. It is almost as loud as the larger one and really does kick up some wind. The camera is WiFi 0.3 MP HD. The videos can be stored on the phone and then uploaded or shared however you want from there. The other quadcopter has an sd card and I had to put it into the computer to share it or edit it. The quadcopter has 3 different speed modes, labeled easily as low, medium, and fast. When you are in a crowded or small area for more control and you can zip around with fast speed outside or in larger areas, you can fly on low speed.

We have owned several drones, I have some very big drones and some very small drones but this one gets the award for the smallest one. The Cheerson CX-10 W wifi RC quadcopter by Metakoo is honestly about the size of my thumb and when it takes off it sounds like a really angry bumble bee, but let me tell you this little thing has some mighty power.
The drone is fairly simple, it does not come with a remote and instead connects through my phones wifi and uses my phone as a control. All I had to do was scan the code on the box and download the app associated with the drone. The app seemed pretty easy to navigate nad I have not noticed any glitches or problem with it so far.
The drone has 3 speeds and on high its definitely one of the fastest I own. I love zipping this little quad around my house, its so small I never have to worry about it damaging anything while it flies. The weight on the drone is nearly nothing and its just so neat watching it zoom around the house.
The drone does have a camera on it, and I admit I wasnt expecting the best pictures due to the small size of the unit, but when I looked them over they are actually pretty clear and much better quality than I thought, even at top speeds.
The construction on this drone is excellent and although its small, its durable, we have had several pretty harsh crashes and the drone still looks like new with no sign of the hits.

Metakoo Cheerson CX-10W WIFI RC FPV Real Time Video Mini Quadcopter

Support iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phone, WiFi Real time image and video transmission.
The recorded pictures and videos can stored in mobile directly, without extra memory card.
Built-in LED lights, help to indicate direction at night, also increase the visual perception of flight.
6-axis Gyro & 4CH, can fly steadily. Support 360 degree flip.

Brand: Metakoo
Model number: CX-10W
Flying time: About 4 minutes
Charging time: About 30 minutes
Remote control distance: 25M
WiFi transmission distance: about 20 meters
Remote Control Frequency: 2.4GHz
Channel: 4-Channel
Gyro: 6-Axis
Camera: 0.3MP HD camera
Suitable ages: Above 14 Years
Battery for quadcopter: 3.7v 150mAh
Material: ABS plastic
Size: 32 x 32 x 22mm

Package includes:
1 x Quadcopter
1 x USB charging cable
1 x User’s Manual
4 x Spare blades
Note: Controlled by your smart phone, No Transmitter Included.

Tips for beginners:
– Put this quad on a level ground when decoding.
– Keep this quad static on a level ground for around 3 seconds after controller and quad matching to each other.
– If quad fly to one direction in a quick speed, you need to do calibration or trim adjusting.
– If one propeller does not spin well,the problem could be the tight space between propeller and motor. You could try to pull it a little up and blow it with your mouth to see if rotating smoothly as others.
– Do not charge after exhausting all power. Go charging when there is still a little power.

Cheerson CX-10W Nano FPV Quadcopter Review & Flight

Just a quick look at Cheerson's shot at nano (Wi-Fi) FPV with the CX-10W quadcopter. What – if any – are the differences between this and the already pretty accomplished FQ777-954? Let’s find out!

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