One Key Auto-Return Home
When the rc drone files beyond the control distance or loses signal, your WINGSLAND MINIVET GPS remembers the exact spot that it took off from. Wherever your aircraft is flying, tap a button to have it return right back home.

Professional Intelligent Flight Battery
Fly for up to 25 minutes on a single charge. High-end professional multiplaying power flight battery adopted modular design which actualized easy installation and battery level indicating function.

Live HD View via the Remote Controller Monitor
The monitor makes you feel as though the camera is right in your hands, allowing you to see a live view, control the shutter, change settings, and access a wealth of unmissable features.
The remote controller monitor hood shades your screen from direct sunlight to give you a perfect view of your display when shooting outside.

CVBS image transmission system obtain 800 meters transmission distance with the control of the time-delay below 100 milliseconds.

Be your own director and tell your story as never before. Reach for the sky and capture professional-quality footage from a new perspective.

Point of Interest
Select a location or object to focus on, and your WINGSLAND MINIVET will continuously face it as you fly, or circle around it automatically.

High Performance and Integrated Camera
Support 12.2 M pixel static picture shooting at most, 1920 * 1080 30P HD recording quality and more colorful pictures and videos.
Shaky photos and video can ruin even the most impressive scenes. Keeping the camera perfectly stable is an auto stabilized 3-axis gimbal, giving your footage a little movie magic.

Great, and beautiful, aerial videography quadcopter. Good stable GPS hold; good gimbal and camera; easy camera control from the transmitter; even the small FPV monitor is no problem to me … I can still see plenty well what is being filmed, and the size is convenient and light.

The battery hold charge very well and you can get close to 25 minutes of consecutive flying. Overall, once I become more familiar with this quadcopter, I know that the experience will be more Awesome!

Wingsland Scarlet Minivet Camera Drone Part 1 Features

This well-built quadcopter is packed with features, including a three axis stabilized gimbal, a remotely operated camera, and FPV screen with telemetry on-screen display. Find the Minivet here http://shrsl.com/?~aie0

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- Very well built and sturdy brushless motor quadcopter.
- Great flight control range at up to 800 meters.
- Good flight time at up to 20 minutes (dependent on flight profile).
- Rapid GPS satellite reception, and good/steady GPS position hold flight.
- 11.1V, 5100mah smart battery. Includes built-in balance charging circuit and auto shutdown / auto storage mode.
- Three axis stabilized gimbal.
- 4MP / 1080p (30 fps) / 720p (60 fps) still and video camera.
- On screen telemetry display including camera status, range, speed, altitude, and remaining battery life.
- GPS position hold, altitude hold, circle me (POI), headless mode, and return to landing flight modes (automatic on LOS or one key selectable).

- Gimbal requires firmware update and some adjustment before first use via its configuration software.
- Tilt control only of the gimbal.
- FPV screen is very small and low resolution. FPV reception with the built-in antenna is also very short with maximum range between 50 to 100 meters. With this in mind, the receiver screen is not useable for FPV flying. Instead it's primary use would be simply for aiming the camera, and reading its on-screen telemetry information.

Final thoughts:
I feel that this quadcopter may be suitable as a low cost, yet easy to use commercial drone. Such as for realtors desiring aerial footage of their listings. The POI "circle me" feature would be particularly useful for featuring a listing.

Note that there are firmware upgrades available for the flight control board. But I'm a firm believer in the old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!". Thus I have NOT upgraded my firmware, nor do I intend to unless I experience obvious problems with the current flight control software.

and here's my flight with the Wingsland Scarlet Minivet.


Brand Name: Wingsland
Item Name: Scarlet Minivet RC Quadcopter
Weight ( Including batteries and paddle ): 1085g
Battery: Lithium battery 5200mAh
Remote Control Range (open outdoor): 800m
Remote control working frequency: 2.4G

Pixel: 4-megapixel
Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080
HD video: HD 1080p 30 or 720p 60
FPV working frequency: 5.8G
Maximum FPV communication distance (open outdoor): 600M (I experienced only 50M).

GPS positioning
Height changes your aesthetic view
Intelligent Multi-operating Modes
High-precision Return-to-Home
High-precision 3 Axis GIMBAL
Integrated intelligent battery
Built-in OSD for flight parameters display
With 10 Channels controller
Copter / GIMBAL / Camera controllable simultaneously
Support free switching between Right Hand Throttle and Left Hand Throttle

Package Contents
Package Contents: 1 x Wingsland Scarlet Minivet RC Quadcopter with 3 Axis Gimbal, 1 x Transmitter, 1 x HD Monitor, 1 x HD camera, 1 x Battery

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