MYSTERYSTONE RC Quadcopter Bugs3
Price : $88.99
Brand : MJX

MYSTERYSTONE RC Quadcopter Bugs3 Black

I really appreciate that in 3 mins approximately this drone could be transformed from a full fledged film making drone right into a straight racing quad. That versatility is not readily offered if in any way.

Obtain tired of flying drones in novice lever? It’s time to look to this powerful expert copter.
The Mysterystone Bug3 will get you away from all these troubles.
The roar, power and controllability will delight you at the first minute it is activated.

Every little thing as assured additional battery, extra props, charger and also drone done in good functioning problem. I must state I’m really completely satisfied with this product. This is a flying machine without any training wheels nor fly this thing for me includes, it is extremely quick you need to focus on this set you need abilities. Flight time is more than I expected no demand for camera or touchdown gears just let the hyper bug go free.

The MJX Bugs 3 Brushless quadcopter drone is an astonishing device. Ultra effective, ridiculously fast as well as maneuverable as well as simple old enjoyable in a box. Excellent cost point on a drone of this level to ensure.

When you are playing the beginner degree drones, you have to satisfy a few of the difficulties listed below that make you so dissatisfied:
1, 1 or 2 of the motors melted up after numerous times of flights.
2, The flying time is truly brief (under 8 mins). Even with extra batteries, you need to wait at the very least 10 mins in between each battery.
3, The drone is so easy to be blown away, difficult or impossible to manage back.
4, The control distance is short (under 50meters), you really feel so bounded, easily obtain shed of control.
5, No alarms when the battery is in lower power or the drone is flying also away.

Brushless Motor : MT1806 1800KV, 10 times more powerful, prolong 50% of the battery working time.
High Capacity Battery: 1800mAh Li-po Battery
Working Time: 18 minutes
Charging Time: 300 minutes
Smart Alarm Transmitter: Early warning when the drone is in lower power or it flies too far away.
Overlong Control Distance: New generation two-way 2.4GHz remote control technology, up to 300m to 500m.
Binding: Automatical
Eversion: 360 degree flip and roll
Mount: Including mount for action camera, compatible with Gopro, Sjcams, etc. (Camera not included)
LED: White and blue led lights for night flight and orientation

1x Brushless motor Quadcopter Bug3
1 x Transmitter
1 x Camera Holder
4 x Landing gear
2 x 7.4V 1800mAh Li-Po battery (one extra)
1 x Charger
8 x Improved blades (Extra)
1 x Propellers changer
1 x Screwdriver
1 x User manual (English)

Have an ultimate adventure with this B3 quad right now!

MJX RC Bugs 3 Low Cost Brushless Motor Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This relatively inexpensive large brushless motor camera quadcopter can fly far and fast, and has low battery and range telemetry warnings. Quadcopter courtesy of MJX R/C And here's the link with description of the Bugs 3

Sorry, no buying links. My sponsor is the manufacturer, and did not want to give preferential treatment to any one of its retail vendors. But you can easily find it with a simple Google search for "MJX RC Bugs 3"

- Brushless motor quadcopter at a reasonable price.
- Very good and maneuverable flier at high rate. Yet nice and stable at low rate for aerial video purposes.
- Good advertised range at 300 to 500 meters. But in this video I limited the range that I was flying to just over 200 meters, as this black quadcopter gets difficult to see at that range.
- Provides telemetry warning beeps of low battery or when flying near the quadcopter's range limit.
- Includes a camera mount that accomodates most GoPro style action cameras including Xiaomi Yi and even the larger SJCAMs (I attached an SJ4000+ in this video).

- Not for beginners. Requires manual flying, is difficult to maintain orientation (all black), and does not have altitude hold. And generally, brushless motor quadcopters are just not safe in the hands of a new flier. You really should be experienced in the following skill before considering this quadcopter.
- The stock battery is somewhat proprietary. Yet many large 7.4v batteries will fit in its battery compartment, and can be used if you can incorporate a XT30 battery plug to connect to the quadcopter.
- I had to land much earlier than the advertised 19 minutes flight time at 8 minutes 42 seconds due to low battery telemetry alert. The battery had 7.57V remaining capacity measured after landing. Also to be fair, the battery was not yet conditioned, and it was lifting the weight of a SJCAM while being aggressively flown.

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