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Parrot Pf726103 Bebop 2 + Black Skycontroller (White)

Have had the Bebop for a few weeks and am very pleased with its flight characteristics and ease of use. I am a beginner and ace all of the settings turned down, which is great for getting started. As many have noted, the camera is not the best, but it is fine for my needs. I like the fact that there are no moving parts, such as a gimbal, for the camera.

There are many things going for it including the quality of the combo in general, the software and the fact that the quadcopter unlike my DJI Phantom is small and more easily transportable. One has the option of controlling it with a cellphone or tablet, a plus although that is not optimum. The rather large Skycontoller to me is greatly preferable. The Phantom in comparison is larger and has a more threatening silhouette whereas the Bebop2 is adorable with a benign toy-like appearance. I found Bebop2 to handle precisely and nicely maneuverable with the Skycontroller.

Meet Bebop 2, a second-generation Parrot Quad copter Drone. First in its weight class to surpass 20 minutes of autonomous flight time, this durable and sleek drone doesn’t just travel far, it travels well. The 3-axis digital stabilization offers pilots a fixed angle of the view, regardless of altitude or turbulence. The 14mpx, 1080p camera captures the moment via live streaming video or recorded clips. Take in the horizon with a stunning 186 ° field of view and keep track of your location with the new, powerful rear flash LED. Fly for up to 25 minutes at speeds of up to 38 mph

Parrot BEBOP 2 Drone - Official Video (Launch)

Introducing Parrot Bebop 2 Drone, Your Flying Companion.

Fast, agile and lightweight camera drone for everyday. A compact and powerful drone that makes every flight simple and intuitive. All new design, built with safety in mind. The lightweight drone for all conditions. With you everywhere, all the time.

Special thanks to our amazing Bebop pilots Robin Icare, Remi Chapeaublanc, Pierre-Yves Gaudillat, Anthony Ehret, Qorz, Nolwenn Chauché.

A-Music: War Of The Gods by Terry Devine-King

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