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Based on recent data released by the federal aviation administration (FAA), it is estimated that the drone market for commercial purpose will grow from 2.5 million in 2016 to 7 million in 2020.thgey also projected that the sales of drones would move up from 600,000 to 2.7 million in 2020. It is deduced from the survey on drone conducted by Professional Photographers of America (PPA).This study was covers 1000 professional photographer businesses.

Among the key findings:

Drones are used in specialty areas of photography such as real estate (25.28%), commercial (19.12%), wedding ceremony (11.83%), and for nature (11.35%).

About one-third of the respondents who are not using drone say they are likely to use drones unmanned aircraft system(UAS) photos as part of their product that they will offer in the next two to three years.

40% of the people using drones are enjoying increased patronage, and their clients are requesting that UAS are part of the paid package.

PPA has plans to do an exhibition of photography with drone’s demonstration, and it will be during the yearly conference and trade show, in San Antonio, Texas from January 8-10, 2017.

We are honored to help our clients stay informed ahead of the technology capability available in the market for all that require drones for their business and hobby. The FAA data revealed that the drone regulations are growing and changing. This article will help photographers make informed decisions as regards their adding drone on their product listing.

Drone is more than a gadget it is used to capture aerial photo shot; this commercial drone requires the owner to invest some funds, and the operational know how those operating drones are subject to TSA checks and a UAS operator test and adhering to FAA guidelines.

Following the guideline will enable users to become more successful, and protect their business, this material will help photographers determine if they will employ drones or not in their business. The flow of information from us will shape your mind.

Voyager 4 Drone is with 16x optical zoom and 4G connectivity

The modern drones come equipped with wide-angle lenses. It suitable for framing and it reduces the shaking of the camera. It is made possible with a new facility called gimbal and the increase the stabilization of the camera. This service has enabled the consumer drone to work correctly with zoom option, and it is now on the market. DJI recently released the Zenmuse z3, with a camera with 7x zoom. The Walker voyage for drones has doubled the zoom range to x16 optical lens that covers 15400mm.

The camera can record 1080p, and it is a full HD VIDEO, it rotates 360 degrees and with the aid of the gimbal. You can control drone camera from a mile away using the app and the drone built-in Wi-Fi network. And the voyage four also offers 4G connection facility it means that it can work wherever in as much as mobile network is available. And it can work across a long distance.

This features, the 16x zoom and the 4G connection are there to check privacy issues as regards drone usage, but we have to wait and see how this facility works. The voyage four also comes with a 4k version that has a wide-angle lens.


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