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Top Notch DronesTech is the new fad in town, with more than most people tending to lean towards better solutions to everything. Drones are one of the fast growing gadgets that have taken this era by a storm. Be it in military works, photography, gaming, real estate or just the sheer fun of getting an aerial glimpse of your surroundings. Drones have evolved from sophisticated machinery that required ultimate expertise to simple miniature flying apparatuses that kids can play with. However, even in a world where these are almost being considered toys, there is a difference in class. Most are for professional use, and their users know what specifics they are looking for. Not all drones are the same, obviously!

Picking out the drone

Picking out the drones depends on the intended use of the machine. Some of us want a machine that can perform a certain number of stunts or maybe even one that you don’t have to burden yourself with control options. One of the factors that come into play for this is probably the auto follow drones. Just like the word describes, this drone will automatically fly itself around you, in a limited radius scope.

Most drones have a camera feature for videography purposes and photography. While picking out in this category, you can consider whether you wish to have live streaming capabilities that allow you to upload recordings to social media accounts directly or to back them up directly to the cloud. The other alternative is to take the conventional radio transmitter. This works on a similar concept as that on an RC car but is a bit more sophisticated.

For stunt maneuvers, there is the option of a single button and combined series. The single button is much easier and requires little to no professionalism while the other requires an operator who is more familiar with the stabilization systems of the drone.

The testing works

Most drones, especially the DJI series, which is one of the top class drones, tend to have the same test results. Different things are revised when testing the drones. For most drones, the controls are among the first details to be verified. How well is the drone responding? This is a measure of its various sensors including the height limit and the radius limit.

Quadcopters are additionally tested as to how fast they can cruise in the air. For services such as military and rescue, this is a key factor. Crash tests are also done to check the force that would ultimately render the drone inoperable during a mission. The battery life is a key element that requires being tested as well. Most drones last only a couple of minutes, and depending on its intended use, the longer the better.

As stated earlier, most of them have a camera, and its clarity is a huge factor. If it’s just a toy, this is not a major factor in play, but for purposes of photography, aerial scoping and say rescue services, a clear picture is what is needed.


Outstanding perks of the drone

All quadcopters are differently designed, but some advantages cut across most if not all of the types out there. These include, but not limited to:

    • Long battery life, anything of more than 20 minutes is an excellent standard drone. Ensure it has an intelligent battery system to monitor its health.
    • Camera-point-of-view. This is app enabled that allows direct streaming from the drone. This is much easier for navigation purposes.
    • GPS system tracking systems are a feature that comes in handy especially in the case of a crash. Though this can easily be prevented by activating the stabilizers to maintain a smooth flight sequence.
    • A HD 720P resolution camera or a 1080P one, with a 2.7K and above video resolution. This will ensure quality videos and pictures if that is, in fact, the use of the drone.
    • Landing pads. You will be shocked how many lack these.

The downfall

Qualities that make a great drone are many, however, some flaws cannot be avoided at the same time. In most cases, these are not deal breakers but can play a huge role in determining which drone is going home with you. This can include:

  • It goes without say that when purchasing a drone, especially for professional services, you will need a bit of chaching in your credit card. Most range from around 500 dollars to 1500 dollars, depending on the specs you have opted to go for.
  • You will need a bit of training before flying it. Sure you can buy an automated one, but even then, the basic understanding of a quadcopter is a necessity.
  • Limited operational timing. You will not have an hour just to fly around admiring the scenery. Most drones range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes battery life. This is not necessarily a deal breaker especially if you know what you want out of this.
  • Most drones have a range limitation and therefore cannot fly out of this radius. This varies from drone to drone. If you want to move further, you will need to run as well.
  • For most drones, you will need to buy additional accessories separately.

A drone for the professionals

Now that we have narrowed to professional drones, we can list some of the best in the industry. What we mean in the professional industry is uses such as:

The list could go on, but this is what we will focus on for the time being.

One of the most popular brands is probably the DJI quadcopters series. This company is on of the oldest in the market offering quality drones for over ten years. Some of this include:

  1. DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter
  2. DJI Phantom 3 Professional and limited edition
  3. DJI Phantom 3 4K
  4. DJI Mavic
  5. GoPro Karma (best for concealed approach)
  6. Parrot Bebop
  7. DJI Phantom 3 Standard
  8. Turbo Ace Matrix
  9. Parrot Rolling Spider


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