UST Enterprise Spaceship UFO Drone
Brand : USA Toyz

UST Enterprise Spaceship UFO Drone – Bright LED Lights and 3D Stunts

The propellers are strong. They cut the grass and could hurt you finger if you hold it while starting them up. The LED lights aren’t extremely bright, but do look nice at night.

After taking it out of the box, there is a replacement part kit and a spare battery that can be charged by plugging in to the remote controller. There is another battery in the drone as well, but it is not yet plugged in. It would be great if they could make them last longer!

The drone takes some getting used too. Make sure to fly when there is no wind, as a slight breeze will cause this drone to drift in that direction.

One crash caused both back red propellers to come off. We put them back on and the back would no longer lift off the ground. It seems there may be a right and left blade, as we switched them around and it took off immediately again, so keep that in mind.

Low visibility environments are usually a no-go for any drone enthusiast, unless they are flying the ultra tricked out UST Enterprise UFO Spaceship Drone. Enjoy high speeds, stunts and outdoor fun both day and night!

This is my first drone. When it did, it was a lot smaller than I expected.

This has been a great deal of fun. I am not a great flyer, but my husband and son are. The age for this is 14+, but I did let my son use it and he is younger than this. Just be sure to supervise.

Perfect for Beginners– It’s extremely easy to track down and offers precision piloting. 6 Axis Gyro stability and high visibility makes this a great choice for newbies.

LED Lights– Emits red light from its tail and green from its nose so that you can fly even at night.

3D Stunts– Watch it glow as you perform awesome 3D stunts and 360º flips with the simple push of a button.

Fly at High Speeds– Its super lightweight, streamlined design and powerful motors make it more aerodynamic allowing you to zip around at high speeds.

Long Flight Time– Includes a bonus 3.7v 350mAh LiPo battery to double your flying time. Each battery lasts approximately 6-7 minutes.

Easy To Charge– USB charging offers plenty of convenient charging options. You can even charge batteries quickly and easily on site in between flights.

Easy Handling – 2.4 GHz controller offers easy handling and awesome connectivity and range.

Indoor/Outdoor Capabilities– Perfect for any adventure as you can fly it easily both indoors and outdoors.

Contents: Spaceship Drone Remote Control (AA batteries NOT included) 3.7v 350mAh LiPo Batteries x2 Spare Blades x4 Mini Screwdriver Spanner Wrench USB Charging Cable Instruction Manual


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