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Why Would I Want A Quadcopter Drone

Why Would I Want A Quadcopter Drone?

A drone which is also called an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – is a gadget that is powered by a battery which is specifically designed to fly with the aid of a remote controller. A drone can hover and fly as high as the limitations of the range. Although there are reservations about the use of drones in some quarters, there are so many reasons why you should own a drone today. As the drone technology becomes cost-effective, more law enforcement agencies are beginning to deploy drones; there are now reservations as to the effectiveness of drones with regards to the risk of civilian lives. Despite these fears, there are some reasons why quadcopter drones are recommended for use. Below are some of these reasons why I would want Quadcopter Drones and things I or anyone else could do with it.

Aerial Photography

If you’re a photographer looking for a means to move your business to the next level, having a drone might be all you need. Drones can give you access to places that are ordinarily difficult to reach. For news broadcast or if you are shooting a music video (or film), you can use drones as an efficient and economical way to safely capture every action. Most photography drone systems even provide mobile apps for Android and iOS devices that allow you to watch live video via Wi-Fi. There are three broad categories based on the intended use and experience level of the operator: casual enthusiast, hobbyist, and pro.

Matrice 600 Aerial Photography DroneAerial Photography Drone

Tornado H920 Aerial Photography Drone



Spending too much on an advertisement without any results? Drones are an excellent way to promote your business. Whether it’s carrying a banner with your name on it, or dropping promotional coupons on a crowd at a major sporting event, drones can be a much more cost-effective way to get your name out to your target audience. No matter how good your advertising efforts are, it is not easy to penetrate every customer group and get the required attention you deserve; with drones, you can get a wider reach, and greater range means increased chances of success in your business.
Advertising Drone
DJI Inspire Advertising Drone

DJI Inspire Advertising Drone


Support Law Enforcement

The police and other law enforcement agencies are not super humans, and cannot be everywhere at the same time. With the help of drones, law enforcement agencies can search for lost children, provide tactical surveillance and tracking of suspects, assist in accident investigations, and keep an eye on large crowds during elections, protests, demonstrations and other events that attract large crowds.

Law Enforcement Drone
DJI Spreading Wings S900 Professional

DJI Spreading Wings S900 Law Enforcement Drone

Maintenance Of Infrastructure

It is not an easy task to properly inspect the underside of a bridge or the top of a skyscraper. If you find an individual or company willing to do it, it becomes too costly and too risky to do it. When inspection jobs are done using drones, cranes, harnesses, and scaffolding are not required. This does not only save cost, but it also saves time. With the use of drones, you just deploy the system to assess the structure’s condition remotely- you can even get live feeds if you have access to Wi-Fi.
Maintenance Drone
EACHINE Falcon 180 Maintenance Drone

Walkera F210 Maintenance Drone

Saving Lives

This is one of the most significant benefits of drones. In natural and human-made disasters, drones can be fixed at a particular location to survey the extent of the damage, locate stranded and injured victims, as well as assess any ongoing threats without risking the lives of rescue teams and first responders. Without drones, this wouldn’t have been possible, as massive resources will have to be deployed to crash sites, earthquake sites, or fire sites.

Scientific Research

When it comes to environmental and social disturbances in scientific research, drones can be very beneficial in eliminating such issues. One way drones assist in scientific research is providing access to some hard regions and locations. With their lighter bodies and special parts, drones can easily operate to study regions such as underwater inspections, active volcanic sites, and can transmit vital data back to the user base. In additional to this, drones have the ability to provide wireless power, data transmission, and an efficient maintenance faster than any other alternative currently available right now. By using a drone in scientific research, you can recharge the important sensor devices placed upon sensitive locations for scientific research such as on unstable environmental locations or for deep space exploring devices located in the remote areas of the world.

Agricultural Management

The use of a crop management system to observe measure and respond to flaws in individual plants, farmers can focus on areas requiring urgent attention. By identifying these areas, farmers can provide care only where it is needed: conserving resources, avoiding waste and improving yield. You can use a drone to achieve this efficiently.

As you can see, the benefits of drones cut across different spheres of our life. In the future, we expect that drones will be used for other positive and optimal gains rather than those that cause destruction and misery.


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