Avoid destroying your drone


Indeed you amongst those that were lucky to buy drone last Christmas according to FAA projection wow!

In a matter of minutes, you can head straight to the field to test your skill or even best begin your quest to your dream of flying a drone.

If it is your first attempt on flying a drone, I suggest you take a deep breath and start slowing down events and also avoid areas where there are trees.

Steps to follow

The first thing to do is to go for the manual and go through it to get informed and ensure to two things. Firstly take note of the buttons as to what each one does, and the one that will initiate the drone. The one that will return you home, feature, and this buttons vary amongst manufacturers and their various models, but most recent version comes with a single button, which will send the drone to the place it started. As a leaner, it will be the most used button to enable you controls your flight. That is your take-off and landing, and I will also suggest that you enroll in the academy of model aeronautics, it is not expensive considering the fact it will save you a lot of costs and it will speed of your learning process. There is no gain destroying your drone if you are not conversant with flying.

The next important part of the manual has to do with the startup procedure. Some drone will require that you turn on the controller first, while others are the drone itself. Whichever that is applied to your model ensure you are acquainted with the procedure so as to enable your drone to acquire satellite for GPS features and whatever WIFI connection or to the flight control system.

The next thing is to update the firmware. Most new drone often times leave the factory without recent update, and you will also get latest features. Mostly you can update the firmware by just plugging the drone into your computer using a USB cable. Since this process varies according to the drone, it is important that you go through the manual again or the website of the manufacturer for further information on a firmware update.

Haven gone through the manual and you are ready to launch your first flight, please go to a treeless area and head up a hundred feet. On most products, it implies that you will need to push up the left control stick up for some seconds. The next thing to do is to release and for a while and watches the performance of the drone. At this height, you should be free from any obstacle any sort.

You need start with getting the basic idea on how to maneuver, up and down, right and left. Please pay particular attention to how your drone dips when you accelerate with the aim of stabilizing at constant latitude. Try things like moving around in circles in a box, circle and figure eight. It will enable you to understand how your drone responds to your commands. Every drone is different, but one common thing amongst them is the gentle, slow movements are considered the safest way to fly.

The first thing is trying to correct the problem of your drone heading in a different direction from the one you have instructed it to go to. Please calm down and correct all your flight errors and try again. Don’t give up just keep trying and you will overcome all errors.

Another important factor is to ensure that you are acquainted with all the procedures of flying your drone. There is no drone pilot that will tell you his perfect as there is not a single day where they don’t make mistakes.so you don’t need to get worked that you are not getting it right now. There is hardly a day that they don’t poke around airports and events as such the laws restricting drone is tightened up now and even local government has started introducing their laws

One of the best places to fly is in an open area that is free of trees and crowded; it could be a park or a field. Recently most parks have started looking at drones, in some instances restricting their use. The thing to inquire from the park authority, one good rule is when you are not sure, please don’t fly.

The FAA in the US requires that everybody that owns a drone should register it with the airspace authority it can be done via the FAA’s web portal or by mail. You will provide your details and a $5(which comes with a waiver for the first one month). And this registration is for three years, and it is for recreational purpose alone.

The FAA guideline is not stringent on drones, it requires your common sense and don’t interfere with other craft and also do not fly near the crowd and make sure you do not go above 400  feet and some simple dos and donuts.

As you start flying, there is a lot to look out for, the drone POV, your hands on the flight controls, the buttons for initiating videos and pictures and the drone and not that you should know where your drone is at all times

And the last is that while doing this you should be relaxed.

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