Cheerson CX-32W Black
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Cheerson CX-32W Black

CHEERSON CX-32W is equipped with a HD camera which is capable of capturing 720p video and taking 2 mega pixels photos.

Cheerson CX-32 is a 4 channel 6 axis gyro drone that suitable for both outdoor and indoor flight. It’s frequency is 2.4 GHz and has two flight modes, high speed and low speed which is designed for beginners.

It has also the ability of live video transmission which allow you to see what your drone is seeing while flying. The range of video transmission is about 50 meters but actually depends on the situation and where you are flying. It will send the photos and videos directly to your phone or tablet so there is no need for SD cards.

This is a great little quadcopter. It ia amazingly easy to control and fun

All of them are the same in size and other functions except those mentioned above.

Excellent starter quad I just ordered another one for spare have really enjoyed the ease of on button takeoff plus the hovering feature I presently have several different type quads but this model is my favorite.

CX-32 which has no camera and without aerial photography function, but it is a great fun for practice and racing.
CX-32C which has a camera and aerial photography function.
CX-32W which has a camera and aerial photography function and also has phone video transmission function.
CX-32S which has all above and also a LCD monitor for 5.8 G video feedback function. Great time for FPV (First Person View).

Cheerson CX-32S Cheap FPV Quadcopter With Altitude Hold

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