Cheerwing U841-1 3D Flip
Price : $27.98
Brand : Cheerwing

Cheerwing U841-1 3D Flip 2.4Ghz RC Quadcopter Drone Car

This mini copter is about the size of out teenage son’s hand; even with its rotor guard on the copter measures just 5.5 inches across diagonally, stands about 1.25 inches off the ground, and weighs in at about 1.4 ounces (per our postal scale). Not huge, but not nano sized either. Just right for flying inside the house … looks exactly like the pictures in the listing (black and white color scheme).

I have drained the battery and it does seem it drains faster when you are taking videos. I am 100 percent excited about the quality of the actual video because it is so crystal clear now mind you the audio is a bit loud during the playback but all of the ones I have tried are loud.

He really just put 4 AAA batteries in the controller and took to flight, and it works quite well. Several times we had rotor guards fly off when the quad hit the ground, but we never had a major break. It’s a tough copter, but we wish the range was better.

The wheels make for a perfect indoor toy too; just put the four smaller wheels on to turn the unit into a quad-car, or put the big wheels on to do a little wall walking. Neat effect; absolutely unique. Great indoor fun.

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