Crazepony Martian II RX190 FPV Racing
Brand : Crazepony

Crazepony Martian II RX220 FPV Racing Drone Carbon Fiber Quadcopter

If you plan to run a second HD Camera on the front you will needo to mount the vtx antena out the back and move the lipo all the way to the rear to balance out the quad. I would highly recommend this frame to anyone looking to build there first fpv quad.

Features an X design which is currently the most popular mini quad layout.
Made of high quality carbon fiber, designed to sustain crash
Reserved with plenty of space: Easily fit your FPV and neatly tuck away all the wires.
Super strong andamp; smooth flight: 1.5 mm full carbon fiber fuselage and 3mm machine arms effectively reduce vibration during flight, guaranteeing the flying ability of the Quadcopter.

Great quality and durability. It may be a clone of a name brand frame and it may have a little bit better quality but in my opinion I wouldn’t spend $100 more for the minor differences
– Wheelbase: 230mm
– Material: Carbon fiber
– Weight: 165g
– 4mm carbon fiber arm
– 1.5mmm carbon fiber fuselage
– Recommand 2204-2208 motor
– Support up to 5 inch propeller

Tips:other accessories(like Motor,ESC,Props) do not including.

Suggested Build Parts:
* Props: Gemfan 5′ bullnose props

* Motors: EMAX MT2204 2300kv /MT1806 2300kv or similar

* ESCs: EMAX Nano 12amp ESCs with SimonK
DLHeli Nano
12A SimonK
12A BLHeli

* FC: OpenPilot CC3D or EMAX Skyline32 Naze32
Emax Naze32 Skyline32
Emax Naze 32 Skyline 32 Advance Version
Package Including
1 * Martian II RX220 FPV Racing Drone Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame

Martian II Frame Review & Comparison

A review of the new HobbyIn 5" Martian II frame and comparison with the original HobbyIn 5" Martian frame which it supersedes, and a comparison with the ImpulseRC 5" Alien frame on which it is based.

Supplier website:

Original Alien Vs Martian Comparison:

The build video and flight test videos will appear here when they are done. 5" Mini Quad Shoot Out Playlist:

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