DJI Phantom 4 - 9450S Propeller
Price : $8.30
Brand : DJI

DJI Phantom 4 – 9450S Propeller Installation Kits

Patented rotor lock mechanism ensures reliable locking and tool-free mounting and release at the same time. Fool-proof design for CW and CCW blades. Can be used for Phantom 4.

metal Quick release screw adapter for phantom 4

Metal Propeller Mount for Phantom 4

The white plastic propeller mount of Phantom 4 that holds your propeller is likely to be broken because :
1. worn out after a while especially the the motor will generate heat while running.
2. crack due to crash or even just a non-critical hit
3. crack due to extreme weather condition

The crack may not be visible in the beginning but this becomes the weak point that break propeller mount eventually. This will be a critical safety issue as the propeller may come off while the drone is in mid air.

This metallic prop mount upgrade for Phantom 4 can resolve the crack issue. The upgrade pack comes total four prop mounts : 2 in black and 2 in silver color. A small 1.5mm hex wrench is also included.

Material : 6061 aluminium alloy

The prop mount is fully compatible with the original one. You may just replace the original plastic prop mounts with the metal ones using the stock screws and leaf springs. Please note the color should be matched when you use the metal prop mount. That is, black metal prop mount is for black propeller (CW) while the silver one is for silver propeller (CCW).

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