Dreamtek Inc Syma X5C-1 Quad
Brand : Dreamtek Inc

Dreamtek Inc Syma X5C-1 Quad Upgraded Version Quadcopter 2.4GHz 6-Axis Remote Control Helicopter Explorers Drone

I love this Quad. I wasted money on a name brand HeliAxe at a popular Hobby in your town store and wish instead of blowing $150 on that, I would have gotten this. This hands down blows it out of the water. I learned how to fly heli’s years ago and If I would have started with one of these, I would have saved myself $800 in busted birds. Today is a good time for getting into flying hobby rc crafts. The gyros and stabilization things they include with them now do such a good job, they basically fly themselves. I would say if you’re interested in flying Helicopters and haven’t gotten one yet, start with this. It flies like a Heli as far as the controls go and it would be way easier to learn with this one. That way you’ll know what the controls do with the helicopter before you try to fly it and can concentrate on hovering and basic maneuvers. This thing shoots really good, well let’s say, Great video especially compared to that Helicrap I first had. It’s decent and surprisingly stable resolution. Flight times are about 5-6 minutes while shooting video on slow control rates.

Of all this is so easy to fly and control that just about anyone can do it, this is the easiest to fly drone I own. After about 15-20 minutes with this I really got the hang of it and I can do some pretty cool stunts. It handles the wind pretty well too as long as it is not too strong.

The battery life is also pretty good for a drone in this class, I get about 10 minutes of flight time. , if I am using the video camera I get slightly less but it is still good.. The range of the controller is also really good as well and I have yet to lose control from the drone going to far away.

Main Features:
1.6-Axis Gyro stabilization system makes the helicopter more stable and flexible when flying.
2.It has the characteristics of wind-resistant and can be field indoor or outdoor
3.Modular design structure is applied, easier to assemble and convenient for maintain 360 degree version and throwing flight function.
4.HD Camera Left / Right hand throttle mode can be changed by the transmitter

Control Mode: Remote Control
Frequency :2.4 HGz
Product Dimensions :31.5 X 31.5 X 7.5CM
Video Pixel : 2000000
Battery for RC Quad Copter: 3.7V 500mAh LiPO Battery
Charging Mode: USB charging
Charging Time: About 100 mins
Play Time: About 6-8 mins
Remote Control Battery :4 “AA” battery

1 x Syma X5C-1 RC Quad Copter
1 x Remote Controller (does not include 1.5v AA batteries)
1 x USB charging cable
4 x Red Rotating blades
4 x Blue Rotating blades
1 x 4G Card
1 x Screwdriver
1 x User Manual

For better flying experience we suggest you prepare some extra batteries.

Quality Guarantee
A full, 100% quality guarantee. If the product have any problems within the period of warranty, just email us stating the situation,
and you will receive a courteous and prompt response within 24 hours. It really is that simple.

Special Safety Notes:
1) PLEASE fly responsibly
2) PLEASE keep all spectators at a safe distance.
3) PLEASE fly this in an open area.
4) Anyone new to flying should not fly this indoors nor at any extreme heights until you learn how to fly it fluently.
5) Before flying the quad to maximum heights and in ruff conditions, you should always break-in any R/C motors.

Keep kids away from computers, ipads, phones and so on. Let them go outside ,broaden their horizon, and give them a healthy and beautiful future.

Dreamtek Inc Syma 2016 New Version X5HW Quadcopter Review

Dreamtek Inc Syma 2016 New Version X5HW Real-time Aerial Quadcopter with HD Camera 2.4G Wifi Remote Control Toy Drone Contact with iPhone 6/6s ipad Samsung Galaxy s6 /s7 Huawei (Blue)

Product Description

Lebet Syma 2016 New Version X5HW Fixed High Real-time Aerial Quadcopter with HD Camera 2.4G Wifi Real-time Transmission Remote Control Toy Drone
The X5HW Quadcopter with WiFi Camera uses the latest RC flying technology. This design will allow you to fly faster and be more agile in the air. Let you view real time video in your phone screen, enjoy flying pleasure.
Designed for simplicity and equipped with powerful features for image capturing and video recording.

Brand Name: Syma
Item NO.: X5HW
Color: Blue
Frequency : 2.4G
Channel : 4CH
Gyro:6 Axis
HD Camera:Photos(2MEGA), Video(1MEGA)
Battery for Quadcopter: 3.7V 600mAh Li-poly(Included)
Transmitter Battery: 4 x AA battery(Not included)
Charging Time : About 90 mins(USB charging)
Flying time : About 5~7 minutes
Charging time:About 130 minutes
Controlling distance:About 30-50 meters
Product size:40*34*10cm
Weigh: 0.95kg

-WIFI FPV with 2.0MP HD camera.
-With High Hold mode can set height.
-Headless mode,360 roll.
-6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, strong stability,can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.
-The quadcopter can fly both indoor and outdoor.Including 4CH digital proportional RC system.
-Rechargeable high performance battery.
-Function:up/down,left/right sideward fight,forward/backward,turn left/right,with gyro/flash lights,A 360-degree 3D and special functions(continuous rolling)

Package Include:
-1 x SYMA X5HW Quadcopter
-1 x Wifi Camera
-1 x Mobile phone retaining clip
-1 x Transmitter
-4 x Propeller Guide
-4 x Landing Gear
-1 x Battery
-1 x Screwdriver
-1 x USB cable
-1 x Use Manual
Product Details

Amazon Sales Rank: #1121984 in Toys & Games
Color: Blue
Brand: Dreamtek Inc
Dimensions: 3.94" h x 13.39" w x 15.75" l, 2.09 pounds


â?…Spread Spectrum Technologyâ?… 2.4Ghz spread spectrum technique using an aircraft from the remote control to further enhance, strong anti-interference ability, low power consumption and can control multiple aircraft at the same time, the reaction rate than other radio-controlled reaction rate 100 times faster.
â?…More New Functionâ?… Newly increased barometer set height and level calibration function: after using the lest joystick (accelerator) to control the ascending / descending flight of the aircraft, free up the left joystick (accelerator) and the aircraft will still hover at that height at which the joystick is freed. High hold mode can set hight, you can control it more easily.
â?…HD Camera Contact Mobile Phoneâ?… Equipped with FPV camera, 30W pixel camera, it allows you to see what the drone is seeing, let you control the aircraft enjoy taking pictures or video of the pleasure flights, this quadcopter support contact your mobile phone, and real-time video transmission, you can view real time video information in your phone screen, support android system and apple IOS, for example iphone 6,6s, ipad, Samsung Galaxy s6,s7,Huawei, and so on
â?…Better Flight Experienceâ?… Built-in 6 axis gyroscope for precise hovering in the sky. Perfect struture makes the quadcopter more flexibel and rapid when flying. Strong stability,can easily implement various flight movements, easier to control. It is wind-resistant and can be flown indoor or outdoor. Simple modular design makes changing parts easy. With 360°3D eversion and throwing flight function, give you different flight experience.
â?…Quality Guaranteeâ?… This quadcopter is quality guarantee, 100% warranty, it made of Nylon engineering materials, with strong flexibility, heat resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low friction coefficient, high safety and flight.

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