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Dromida Kodo Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Ready to Fly Drone Quadcopter with Camera

I had a difficult time keeping the thing flying without it climbing too high or crashing. I would recommend flying it in an open park with limited trees and houses near by when first learning to fly this device.

It comes practically ready to fly right out of the box. All that is required before flight is a quick hour to charge the lithium ion battery for the droid using a USB charger.

Everything besides a plug in power cord is included in the purchase of this product. It comes with batteries, a memory card, USB charger, extra propeller blades, and guards for the propellers.

Dromida Kodo Quadcopter not only shoots crisp, clear photos and videos, it features an advanced 3 +3 stabilization system that keeps it level, right-side up and easy to fly at all times. There’s an Auto-Flip button for pro-style flips and three flight modes that can help you progress from Easy to Normal and or go straight to Expert for maximum flying freedom. Indoors or out, it’s an affordable choice for photos, videos and just plain fun.

Overall, a fun toy for an older teenager or big kid!

Fully assembled drone with:

  • Rugged, crash-resistant molded plastic airframe
  • Finished canopy
  • High-intensity LEDs that simplify orientation and tracking, and flash when battery voltage is low
  • Factory-installed motors, ESCs and onboard electronics
  • 3-axis gyro and 3 accelerometers for smooth, stable flight in all conditions-accelerometers can be turned off for greater flying freedom
  • Power-on fail-safe-motors won’t start unless the radio is turned on
  • Digital camera that shoots 780×480 .avi video and 1.2 MP still photos in jpeg format

Q105 radio system with:

  • 2.4GHz technology for the best in dependable, interference-free control
  • SLT (Secure Link Technology) automatically creates an unbreakable link, ensuring that your receiver will respond only to your transmitter’s unique, coded signal
  • Separate camera and video buttons
  • Auto Flip button for pro-style flips
  • Mode 1/Mode 2 button to configure controls to your preference
  • Easy, Normal and Expert flight modes let you activate the flight features you need, so you can fly the way you want

First Outdoor Flight - Dromida Vista UAV RTF Quadcopter RC Drone

This video is my first outdoor flight with my Dromida Vista UAV RTF Quadcopter RC Drone! I fly around having fun and do lots of flips outdoors with plenty of room to have fun with it.

Look for more videos like this as I get used to flying it and can show off more of what it can do.

Note: I made an unboxing, maiden flight, and review video for this and the drone review notes for this Dromida RTF RC Aircraft are shown below.

Here is a link to the video: https://youtu.be/6mdZVCeVtGc


- Does solid flips
- A good size at 251mm
- Completely ready to fly
- Its box makes it easy to transport
- A wide flight envelope for more advanced flyers
- Long flight times due to the 850mAh 1S lipo battery
- Comes with a quality Tactic Radio with 4 flight modes


- Is not a good choice for indoor flight
- I can't recommend this for your first quadcopter even with 4 flight modes.

The closest RC Quadcopter that I have to this is the Syma X5SC-1 Falcon HD Camera Drone and you can watch that review by clicking on this link: https://youtu.be/BJN9XvqtsYc

The Tactic Computer Radio and Receiver combination is impressive, especially for something at this price point. The radio appears to have room for an FPV display as well, so this is likely the same radio we will see on the Dromida Vista FPV Drone.

This is how Dromida describes this RC Drone:

"Dromida is proud to introduce the Ominus™ bigger brother, the Vista UAV. The Vista UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is as easy to fly as it is tough...and it's really, really tough! This ready-to-fly Dromida Quadcopter comes with absolutely everything you need to fly as soon as you open the box. It includes an auto flip button, four flight modes, three-axis gyro stabilization for improved control in every flight, vivid, eye-catching LEDs for easier tracking day or night and extra-long flight times to keep you in the air longer and on the charger less."

I just ordered the Dromida Verso Inversion, so look for that outdoor flight video coming soon! 🙂


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