Drones With High End Cameras

Drones With High End Cameras

Drones With High-End Camera

Drone coverage and live streaming are two technologies that are becoming increasingly popular. Brands and audiences are interested in seeing different and exclusive perspectives of events and are willing to pay extra for these luxuries. Imagine a drone with a camera and the ability to live stream on social media channels! You can also live project drone activity on screens at the event for an interesting engagement tool. New technologies like this will create electrifying and engaging events that audiences will want to attend for fear of missing out on a great experience. Here is one drone capable of live streaming:

DJI’s Phantom is one of the most popular drones aimed at consumers, and its next bag of tricks includes the ability to live stream HD video directly to YouTube, using your mobile phone’s data connection. For about 23 minutes—that’s how long the Phantom 3’s battery is supposed to last—anyone in the world will be able to see whatever your drone sees, as it flies up to a mile away from the person behind the controls.

The Phantom 3 starts at $999—about as much as an entry-level MacBook Air—meaning we may not be far from a future where every pool party or child’s soccer match can feature live, professional-looking video for the world to see. This could bring the trend of social streaming to a new level. Oh, and for those craving a bit of bling, the drone now sports some swanky-looking gold stickers.

The Phantom 3 can stream 720p HD video directly to YouTube. Users can also upload pre-recorded videos to Facebook, Instagram and Chinese streaming site Youku from the company’s smartphone app.

Drones with high end cameras
DJI also talked up its partnership with Spark Aerial, which combines drones with another buzzy technology: virtual reality. The company set up one of its Spreading Wings drones with a camera that connected to an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Wearing the headset, users could control the field of vision of the drone’s camera, meaning when they moved their head the camera would shift along with them. DJI to confirmed to Quartz that the company was looking at “integration options for virtual reality” for its Phantom and higher-end Inspire product lines.

One use case that DJI was keen to highlight for its new drone was its ability to let first responders assess the safety of emergency situations without endangering any humans. Combine a drone that’s easier to fly with virtual reality headset and you get a device that’s less like a radio-controlled helicopter and more actual eyes in the sky.

DJI aren’t the first ones to do this, and other drone companies are definitely getting into the live streaming game also. It feels like the future.

What others say about the DJI Phantom 3

Very durable drone. I purchased this one to replace one that I had lost when I tried flying it in a wind storm. But, I was lucky enough to get back my original drone. Someone had found it on their property which was over 5 miles away from where I lost contact with it. The person who found it said it was upside down in the mud. I know that it had rained and snowed several times in the 2 weeks it was missing. All it took was a little cleaning and she flew again.

I can certainly recommend this drone to anyone interested in this hobby. Its not a 5/5 but close because there’s certain little issues that DJI had some build quality issues. The camera focus affects about 90% of the Phantom 3 drones so that’s an issue, another is the motor mounts are plastic and the metal screws tend to cause stress fractures, and firmware upgrades are confusing and not documented very well by DJI.

Meanwhile the drone loves to fly and stay up. I recently flew in 18mph guests with zero issue thanks to the gimbal. If this is your very first done don’t get it, its still pricey, get a cheap sub $300 drone to learn it first. I first bought a Parrot AR 2.0 Drone and upgraded to this. I wont be upgrading any further since I went with the 4k camera for a long time.

Did I mention that the batteries seem to drain even when they are not being used. To charge up the controller and all three batteries (I use three) takes an hour or so. The logistics of using this drone require planning and time and an additional hour or more if you need to upgrade firmware…so no such thing as being spontaneous with this drone.

I BOUGHT A DRONE! DJI Phantom 3 Professional Impressions

The time finally came to buy a drone. I got a deal that I couldn't pass up on a DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter. I intend to use it for fancy shots in my videos and, honestly, to have an awesome toy/hobby.

If you're interested in DJI, learn more here: http://dji.com/

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