Focus FPV Drone
Brand : Force1 RC

Focus FPV Drone with HD Camera 720p

Bring life to your outdoor adventures with the all new Focus FPV Drone with HD Camera! Capture every move via 720p HD video and pictures and enjoy a wide range of awesome new features:

HD Camera – The Focus is designed with a 720p hd camera complete with a fish eye lens so you can capture your entire flight with a wide angle view.

Person View – With FPV you can see your flight straight from the pilot’s seat via real time video transmission. The controller is equipped with a built-in screen for easy viewing.

Headless Mode – When using this feature, the Focus can automatically detect its location which means you won’t have to adjust its position prior to flight.

6 Axis Gyro Stability – Extra stabilization and maneuverability makes this quadcopter easy to handle and a great drone for beginners.

3D Stunts and LED Lights – Perform unbelievable 360º flips and rolls with the push of a button. LED lights along the frame allow you to do incredible acrobatic stunts even at night!

I’ve crashed it outside already, so I can say that it’s a durable little thing. A lot of my other drones you have to use your phone which can be a pain on your battery. Just one more battery you don’t have to worry about.
I like the rechargeable remote battery. That saves a few bucks.
Overall I’ll say this is one of my favorite drones. Makes good for indoor flying.

Simple to fly and setup. attached the batteries and turn on the devices. They connected instantly and I was able to fly it. Because I own many quad copters already, Flying was very easy. Because of the price, I would recommend this as a starter drone. It is high quality material and I test crashed it a few times and it still held up and no props or guards broke off. You can look into buying a DJi or another more expensive quad if you like flying this and get good at it.

Extra Durable- The Focus is built with protective rotor guards and soft landing pods for added safety and protection during rough flights.

~ 2.4Ghz Controller w/Display
~ 2 x 3.7V 500mAh LiPo Battery
~ 2 x 3.7V 450mAh LiPo Battery
~ USB Battery Charger
~ 4 x Spare Propellers
~ 4G Micro SD Card
~ Mini Screwdriver
~ Instruction Manual


As always big thanks to for keeping me in the air.

As you can see, this setup absolutely just screams.

Big thanks to my good buddy Chris aka
for risking his face to get some third person shots. Don't worry everyone, he had my new iPhone 6s+ protecting his eyes, and yes I have damage insurance on the phone;) Sorry for the quality of some of the footage, most flights now a days are at dusk and the Gopro needs to drop frames to keep up. Damn winter time.

The new LRC racer is unreal I couldn't be more happy with my setup right now. Light weight, serviceable and reliable. Prepared for Worlds;)

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Gopro 4s 1300mah AUW 512g
4s 1300mah race weight AUW 420g
No battery frame only AUW 272g

All footage is in real time - Exceptions when the footage slows down.

frame 210 -

motors- Rotorgeek 2204 2300kv prototype

esc- Rotorgeek 20a


props- combination of 5x4.5 bn 5x4 and 5x4x3

controller tx and rx-

video tx and rx- /


with fan adaptor

fpv camera- micro cam



Gopro Hero 4 black edition - Superview 60 fps

Iphone 6s+ 1080 120fps, slow mo footage only.

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