Force 1 Scoot Hand Operated Drones for Kids Review

This fun little indoor toy drone is super cool; it’s only 4.75 inches in diameter.

The Force 1 Scoot is simple to use and is as kid-proof, as

you can get for a drone of this size and price.

A cage protects all the moving parts. That doesn’t mean

it can’t be damaged, but if you teach your kids to hold it gently, they will

get plenty of use out of it.

To get the drone going, you toss it into the air. The recommended age is eight, but my friend’s four and seven-year-old kids have no problem playing with it.

It can quickly charge via a cable that connects to a USB port.

Force1 Scoot Hand Operated Drones for Kids

The flight time is approximately 8 minutes, but its performance seems to reduce after 5 minutes.

The drone has lights, and due to its shape, it looks like a UFO, especially in the dark. If your kids have asked you for a UFO drone, this may be an ideal solution.

The drone moves along in the opposite direction to an object blocking it. To control the drone, you place a hand in front of the sensor. That will cause it to move in the opposite direction. The drone sensors are on the top, bottom, and sides. You can move it around the house like that or pass it between people by placing your hand in the appropriate spot.

The Force 1 Scoot is suitable for short playtimes of about 5 min.

While it’s charging for about 30-40 minutes, you can do other tasks and use it as a break between jobs to have a little fun with the kids before you continue your duties. Play as a family or let the kids play by themselves.

If you’re looking for a fun kids drone, this may be the answer.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easy to charge
  • No need for remotes


  • Short flight time
  • Indoor use only