gouduoduo2018 PGY RC Drone Quadcopte
Price : $28.99
Brand : gouduoduo2018

gouduoduo2018 PGY RC Drone Quadcopter Helicopter Fast-fold landing pad

Great product actually a lot bigger when you see it in person. quality material and feels very sturdy. One con though is they don’t provide instructions on how to fold it. If you know how but if you don’t its like a rubix cube lol, it really is easy to fold. So anyways to fold you grab both ends of the landing pad and fold in half. Once you have done that you grab one of the ends and tuck it inward and then you start to feel it fold as it should. Not the best instructions lol but something to go off of if you are confused. Great product!

Nice metal ring keeps the perimeter from flagging during lift-off and landing … also comes with 3 plastic spikes but I have not needed to use then thus far. It’s a little more than other Helipads I’ve looked at but if you get dirt or sand in the Drone motors, you be paying a lot more.


Name: PGY Landing Pad for Drones Fast-Fold,Use Both Sides
Packing size: Diameter 42CM Folded
Net weight: 535 g
Developed Diameter: 110CM
Material: Waterproof HI-Q nylon

Packing include:
1* Carrying case
1* 110cm PGY Landing Pad for Drones

PGY Drone Landing Pad - Faltbare Quadcopter Landeplattform von Lightake.com // Vorstellung & Test

Mein Review zum PGY Tech Drone Landing Pad, erhältlich bei Lightake: http://bit.ly/2gi9Jj5
Weitere Infos: Durchmesser geöffnet: 110cm, zusammengeklappt nur ca 42cm groß und nur ca 530g leicht. Tragetasche und Boden-Heringe enthalten.

Weitere Versionen:
Mavic 75cm Landing Pad mit Reflkektor-Streifen und nachtleuchtender Seite: http://bit.ly/2fbiv5b

Tarmac 80cm Landing Pad (sehr günstig): http://bit.ly/2fbg2Yc

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