GPTOYS Black Aviax Quadcopter
Brand : GPTOYS

GPTOYS Black Aviax Quadcopter 6-Axis 2.4GHz RC Helicopter Drone


Fantastic Flight Control

GP Toys Black Aviax quadcopter with camera packs high-tech features for a flying experience
you’ll simply want to rave about! It features 4-channel control for up/down, left/right, forward/backward,
left/right sideward flying and hover capability. A 6-axis gyro stabilizing system that allows for hand
launching. Optional headless mode that is perfect for beginners. Auto return mode for stress-free
piloting. And the ability to perform breathtaking continuous 360-degree rolls and flips in just about
any direction!

Record Those Moments

If you can’t brag to everyone about, what’s the point of doing all those insane acrobatic maneuvers
them, right? And that’s why we’ve fitted the rc drones quadcopter with a 2MP HD camera for crystal
clear recording! Capture those complex stunts in 720p video, or take stunning aerial photographs
in 720p. The HD quadcopter comes bundled with a 4GB SD card that can store about 30 minutes of
video or 800 photos, and a card reader for easy access.

Here are more amazing features of this heli drone:

Some assembling required– You do have to assemble the legs, propellers, propeller guards, and the camera. Another visual guide is to match up the rotating arrow symbol on the propellers with the quadcopter. You have to align the camera inserts with the bottom of the quadcopter and push really hard for the camera to snap on.

– Transmitter’s 2.4 GHZ technology cuts down on interference.

– Low power indicator alerts you when charge is low.

Camera– You can adjust the angle tilt of the camera. It does include a 4GB micro SD card and a card reader to connect to your computer. The 1080p camera resolution is very impressive taking very clear video.

Transmitter– The transmitter has the Flip button on the left side and the Speed selection on the. You can do nice acrobatic maneuvers with the Flip button. The On/Off power button is in the middle.

The left pad has Headless Mode, Photo, Video, and Auto Return. Once to start and to press Video again to stop, when taking Video remember to click Video. You will lose the video if you do not press Video the second time to stop it. The Headless Mode is a very nice feature especially for beginners. You do not have to keep track which way the quadcopter is facing. It will fly in the direction you want regardless which way it is oriented. The Auto Return button is a nice feature to have the quadcopter automatically return to you. The right pad are the 4 direction trimming buttons. The center button is to turn on/off light at bottom of quadcopter.

– Impressive range of 100 meters with 3 speed controls.

– Bright LEDs allow for beautifully visible nighttime flying.

Performance– This quadcopter is easy and very stable to control especially at speed 1. If the quadcopter gets too far from you just press the Auto Return button.

– High performance 650mAh battery allows for 8-12 minute flying time.

Whether you’re a beginner or quadcopter veteran, count on this rc flying drone with camera
for the most fun flying experience you’ll ever come across. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

GPToys F2 Black Aviax Quadcopter Review

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