Standard Phone Tablet Extended Holder
Brand : Hobby Signal

Hobby Signal Phantom 3 Standard Phone Tablet Extended Holder

My ipad feels a lot more balanced being in the center of remote controller than dangling from the top with the included DJI mount. The holding pads that grip to my ipad mini hold it okay, but if you tilt the remote controller far enough on its side the ipad will slide out and hit the floor. If your tablet is larger than an ipad mini it would fit more tightly.

Works perfectly. I used it first with a Samsung 7″ tablet, but am now using it with a Samsung Tab S 10″. Holds the tablet securely and out of the way of the controls.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard controller mod with Inspire 1 mount, for tablets

Don't feel comfortable doing this yourself? I offer my modification service to anyone in the United States, or Canada (or elsewhere assuming shipping is reasonably available). Cost: $30.00 USD(shipping and Inspire 1 mount extra, or I can provide the Inspire 1 mount if you prefer). Please private message me, comment below, or email at for more information. Thank you! (previous modification references available). Turnaround time less than 1 week with priority shipping.

How to: Upgrade your Phantom 3 standard (Or Phantom 2) remote control with a more robust and larger mount from the Inspire 1! Now your Phantom 3 Standard remote control can hold a medium to large size tablet, centered to the remote. Look professional, be professional, on a budget!

Thread pitch and size on Inspire 1 mount: M6x1.0 (metric thread)

Materials required:

-Genuine DJI Inspire 1 mobile device holder (mount)
-7/32" drill bit
-#0 size phillips screwdriver

Or (if you decide to tap the hole - recommended)

-5 mm metric drill bit (or standard equivalent)
-M6x1.0 metric thread tap

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