Hubsan H501S X4 Brushles
Price : $177.24
Brand : Hubsan

Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Brushless Quadcopter (White)

This quad is a great buy! Ok your not gon na shoot a 360 panoramic movie of your wedding on the beach or survey the side of some high rise building but if you are an entry level holiest looking for a fun new drone or even a dedicated rc geek you will enjoy this drone It’s got tons of features and it all comes in nice easy to use, easy to set up complete package.
The Hubsan x4 brushless fpv. A good review even though I didn’t buy mine at Amazon, after reading the one negative comment where the customer not only speaks broken English but refers to the x4 as “this product” and” the item” Also who takes their brand new drone covered by Factory warranty to an “electictal engineer”. Not once is anything mentioned that would suggest that they were I fact even talking about the x4 let alone any drone at all.

The Hubsan X4 FPV features a 1080P HD camera and FPV transmitter with a 5.8 GHz wireless video transmission. The latest 6-axis flight control system keeps this unit stable in flight. The built in GPS and altimeter allow for a wide range of flying features including follow me, return to home, and hold position. The large 2700mAh Lipo included keeps you in the air for an impressive 19 minutes. With all these features this is the perfect quad rotor to get you into FPV flight.

Its a little short on features and the camera has jello affects and lower resolution compared to the phantom 3. I think by far the funnest drones I’ve flown.

Hubsan H501S X4 Quadcopter Setup Guide [Chinese]

English Language :
Quad Copter With HD Camera For Beginners
Hubsan哈博森 H501S 四轴飞行器小型无人机/遥控飞机/高清航拍机

Come with dual GPS
GPS Follow me
GPS position hold
Altitude hold
Manual mode available for sport fly


Weight (including the battery): 440g
Battery: 7.4V 2700mAh Lipo. 105g
Built-in 1080P 30FPS HD camera.
Motor: Brushless
ESC: Brushless 12A x4
4 LED indicators & Rubber feet
Max Flight radius: 300m
5.8G wireless video transmission distance: 300m
Memory card: 4G TF card. Max support: 64G card
Flight time: around 19 minutes
Charging time: around 150 minutes

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