Local laws surrounding drones and the airspace debate

Drones have changed the way we think of physical boundaries. It’s not only what travels by land or sits on land, it’s what travels by air. Drones are always making the news these days, have you noticed? There was a successful drone strike just the other day by the military. Of course, those are military drones, and other drones, ones you buy in stores, are also making the news.

Have you seen the paparazzi drones that have made the news? People are using drones to spy on people and not just celebrities. If you were to be standing in the living room of your home, and you saw a drone hovering in your front yard, what would you think? Of course, people don’t always have all the airspace in the world, unless they know where to go. Where I grew up, there would be plenty of space to fly a drone, but times have changed.

Especially people in larger cities where living quarters are more compact, drones can be a big nuisance. This is leading to much debate about drones and people flying them only where they are supposed to be flying them. However, who really has any say about the airspace? Well, for starters, the government is chiming in for sure, as you can imagine. The Wall Street Journal said that 17 state governments have already passed individual laws governing the use of drones.

That means if you’re going to buy a drone, you need to know the rules and regulations. You don’t want to end up with a citation or even worse, be arrested and charged. Drones are fun, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They are a unique hobby, and they are not only fun to fly but make for great picture taking opportunities. I see people with them all the time on the beach, and they are taking great pictures of the ocean while enjoying plenty of space to fly them.

The first thing you need to know is what was insinuated earlier, that the laws can vary from state to state. You need to know what they are for your location, and then you can figure out how to have fun with a drone there. While there are going to be do’s and don’ts, you should be able to have fun with a drone just about anywhere when you know where you’re allowed to go and what you’re allowed to do. Just make sure you only fly your drone in your own space, without infringing on other’s rights.

Read the drone’s instruction manual and check out the “Know Before You Fly” campaign at http://knowbeforeyoufly.org/.