NIHUI Mini Quadcopter Drone
Brand : CoolDesign

NIHUI Mini Quadcopter Drone RTF Helicopter UFO Drone Red

I am happy that I made this purchase and I am highly likely to recommend this drone, tons of fun! The flight time is about 5-7 minutes but you get the backup battery and they charge fast, 20 or 30 minutes and you are good to go. Charge one while playing with the other to reduce downtime. All around this is a sturdy item and it provides endless fun, good hobby for parents and kids too!

Really cool drone, fast! It is small and simply but gets the job done. This drone is simple to use with the controller having basic functions that are easy to understand. This is a nice kit that comes with a charger, extra propellers and a second battery to help extend your flight time! The red and black look stylish and the way that the body/frame is designed the propellers are fully protected. This thing can tak a beating too! It is strong, long and durable lasting. This thing zips around at bullet like speeds, it is impressive to watch. I am able to fly it high and far away outside as well, but I am always careful not to lose sight of it because it is small so I don’t want to lose it. I have zero complaints, everything is what I was hoping for and the price is reasonable. This drone is easy enough to control that even my 7 year old son had it figured out in a matter of minutes. It is forgiving and user friendly.

Mini Quad Copter Drone Function (6-Axis Gyro System, 2.4GHz, 6 Channel, 360°Flips):
Headless mode: Headless mode simplifles flying by eliminatin to the transmitter, No matter where the quadcopter points, it will follow the forward, left, right and back of the transmitter.
One key 360°flip: Keep 1.5 meters of altitude between the quad copter and the ground, press doen the right rod and the transmitter will beep one time to enter advanced mode.
One key rotation, one key recover balance mode and one key headless mode return.
Brand new remote with trimming control mode.(Please read the instruction manual careful to find out more interesting function inside!)

Package included:
1 x Mini Red Quadcopter
1 x Transmitters
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x USB Charging Wire
4 x Drone Propeller (4 extra blades has set up on mini quadcopter)
2 x Original 3.7V 150mAh Battery

NIHUI Mini Quadcopter Drone. Cool Mini Racer Drone under $25

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All men need a few toys so I figured why not try out this new mini racer drone. Something Different

I bought mine here:

This little thing is perfect for indoor flying as it is small and agile. The noise is not too great and the flight times are respectable. Approx 5 min +- on each battery and you get two (2). Flips and tricks are easy as long as you have the space and enough vertical height for recovery. I would say 40 feet is the max effective range and anything more gets squirrel-ly .

Hope you enjoy the video - Keeping this little tiny thing infront of the camera was a challenge in itself. Flying it is super easy and with a few minutes practice anyone should feel confident.

Thanks - Weston

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