Sky Viper Hover Racer
Price : $29.00
Brand : Skyrocket Toys

Sky Viper Hover Racer Game Enhanced Battle and Racing Drone – Black

I feel it is kinda fragile and it was quit expensive
and seeing it land on the roof and in the trees, I do not think it will be a long lasting toy for the price

New Sky Viper drones are even easier to fly with new Viper Flight Firmware & Auto Pilot features never before seen in a toy drone. Due to their light frames, Sky Viper drones DO NOT require FAA registration. Sky Viper Drones have extreme performance capabilities, exciting one-touch stunts, 6-axis digital stabilization, super tough Duraflex body, removable blade guards and variable modes of flight sensitivity, so they are as much fun for novice flyers as they are for drone enthusiasts.

This drone exceeded my expectations. It is extremely fun and easy to pilot as a first time drone owner. Using the camera is very easy and provided great quality shots.Looking forward to my friend’s order arriving so we can race them !!

What’s in the box: Hover Racer Drone; Remote Control; Interchangeable Thumb Sticks (4); Beacons (4); Battery; USB Cable Charger; Phone Mount; Replacement Blades (4); Screws (4);

IT'S FAST! Sky Viper Hover Racer Review

Available at most major retailers.

The Sky Viper Hover Racer from Sky Rockets Toys is a fast fun quad with a app enable racing game. I've had mixed results with the app, but the quad itself flys very well and can really move! Chek out the review!

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