Sky Viper s1350HD Video Stunt Drone
Price : $59.99
Brand : Skyrocket Toys

Sky Viper s1350HD Video Stunt Drone

I am new to drones and this one was perfect for me! After you do a stunt it doesn’t drop to the ground or fly high it maintains its stability. People that have tried it that have used many drones say it is very good.

Whether it is your first drone or you are experienced, you will not be sorry you chose this one.

Nominated for Toy of the Year 2016, the top-selling Sky Viper Drones from Skyrocket Toys continue to deliver hobby-level performance at a great value. New Sky Viper drones are even easier to fly with new Viper Flight Firmware & Auto Pilot features never before seen in a toy drone. With just a touch of a button, you can now Auto Launch & Land, Auto Hover & use Altitude Control to move up & down in pre-set increments. Due to their light frames, Sky Viper drones DO NOT require FAA registration. Sky Viper Drones have extreme performance capabilities, exciting one-touch stunts, 6-axis digital stabilization, super tough Duraflex body, removable blade guards and variable modes of flight sensitivity, so they are as much fun for novice flyers as they are for drone enthusiasts. This fourth generation s1350 Video Stunt Drone is updated with all new Flight Assist features, including: Auto Launch, Auto Hover and Auto Land. These features leverage Avionics technology for precision, stability and performance to make learning easy, even for those new to the world of drones. Perform one-touch stunts like right and left barrel rolls and flips in 4 directions, all while simultaneously recording video! Choose Manual Altitude for complete control of stunt maneuvers or Auto Hover for hands-free altitude control. Sky Viper engineers have enhanced the Clean-Flight control firmware commonly used in racing class drones. The result is Viper Flight+, a state-of-the-art technology that makes Sky Viper drones incredibly stable, easy and fast to control. Skyrocket Toys is a leading designer, manufacturer & marketer of a wide variety of consumer products, including toys, drones, bicycle accessories & sporting goods. The company creates & distributes innovative, technology-driven products that are sold under major licenses, as well as propriety brands such as Fuse, Real Cooking, Prank Star and Sky Viper.

What’s in the box:
Drone; Remote Control; Battery; USB Charge Cable; Flight Sticks (2); Blade Guards (4); Replacement Blades (4); 4GB MicroSD card; MicroSD card reader; Instruction Manual

Sky Viper s1350HD Video Stunt Drone Review


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