Sky Viper v2400HD Streaming Video Drone
Price : $73.99
Brand : Skyrocket Toys

Sky Viper v2400HD Streaming Video Drone

I guess the first thing I tested was its durability– not on purpose. I lost track of the front end (green), pulled the wrong direction into my fence and then over-corrected into my bush a few feet away. Over a few flights, I hit enough stuff to stay I am pretty happy to see no damage other than some light scuffs. The guards were still tightly in place.

The auto launch/land features work fine. I think the controls are easy to use and the Sky Viper responds appropriately. I am a little suspicious of the auto altitude. It seems to respond but wasn’t really giving me the advertised 12″ of lift per push. It’s possible the weight of the blade guards or the light breeze hurt the performance. My flight time was a little less than 10 minutes total on two full recharges. The battery charge from near 0% was between 60-90 minutes for the light to go green on the included USB cord.

Drones in this class (price range and performance) have value. If you want professional HD video, longer flight times and advanced controls, look elsewhere. I have children that are too young to handle the responsibility of a $1,000 drone. They– and I– need to start somewhere. If you want to have a little fun with a drone of this size and the video quality isn’t the primary feature you are buying this for, this is a worthy choice in a crowded field.

In terms of the video/streaming/photo, I would reiterate what other reviewers have found: the camera does not produce high-quality images, particularly like those printed on the box. But I was pleased the app with streaming and photo capability was easy to set up and works fine. The only other issue I had was the photo button on the controller didn’t initiate a photo.

I had fun with the Sky Viper 2400HD. It maneuvers as advertised, although my top detraction is the camera quality.

New Sky Viper drones are even easier to fly with new Viper Flight Firmware & Auto Pilot features never before seen in a toy drone. The result is Viper Flight, a state-of-the-art technology that makes Sky Viper drones incredibly stable, easy and fast to control. The v2400 HD Streaming Video Drone is a high-performance stunt drone, able to execute one-touch flips and barrel rolls.

What’s in the box:

Drone; Controller/Transmitter; 650 mAh 3.7V LiPo Battery; USB Charger Cable; Precision Flight Sticks (2); Blade Guards (4); Phone Clip; Replacement Blades (4); Screws (4); Screwdriver; Instruction manual

New! SkyViper v2400HD Review

Skyrocket Toys has started to release their new line of Skyviper Drones just in time for fall! Here is my review of the v2400HD streaming drone. It has some very cool features like 720p video recorded to an SD or 720p streamed to your phone, auto take off, auto landing and auto hover, but also has a few bugs. Check out my review.

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