SKYREAT Copper Antenna Range extender
Price : $14.99
Brand : Skyreat

SKYREAT Copper Antenna Range extender Windsurfer

Not as nicely made as some of the offerings for DJI Phantom. These fit a little loose on my antennas. Definitely increased my reception. Also cut down on interference I was getting while flying near my apartment complex. I was able to push the drone to 3.03 miles! I definitely recommend, at least until something built better comes along.

Noticed a difference when using in natural and urban environment. Def with the investment. Works perfectly! Was able to go up to 2.3 to 3.0 miles.

Testing Range Extender Skyreat

I Bought Some Range Extenders The Worked Well But Work Best With No Obstacles Thats Kinda Obvious Though. the link is right here:

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