Syma X8G 2.4g 4ch 6 Axis Gyro
Price : $119.99

Syma X8G 2.4g 4ch 6 Axis Gyro RTF RC Drone Quadcopter

By the time you get it reasonably well calibrated and trimmed you only have about 5 minutes of actual flight time. I did buy two extra batteries, but the interruptions of the flight experience are still frustrating.

In low speed mode, it is unable to stand up to light winds of 5 to 7 mph, It is easily able to fly against such winds in high speed mode. The discovery of this last fact is what led to my successful flights today.

The quality of the video is good. There is minimal vibrational distortion (“jello”) in low speed mode, but this increases to an annoying level at high speed. Exposure, sharpness and angle of view are excellent. The camera, as mentioned by other reviewers, will only work when attached to the X8G. The housing would not fit my SJ4000 GoPro clone, it is too narrow from front to back. The camera mount will only allow the X8G’s camera to be pointed straight forward; the ability to angle it down slightly would be a big improvement. Note that despite the listing claiming FPV capability, this camera does not stream video nor have wifi for downloading content. You have to remove the SD card and read it on another device through the supplied USB card reader.

Bottom line: The learning curve is pretty steep for a beginner. Video is of acceptable quality, but flight time is so short that the camera is not very useful.

Perhaps predictably, I crashed the thing more than I flew it the first few times I took it out in the field. It held up well through moderate low altitude crashes.For the one major incident I had, I am happy to report that spare parts are readily and inexpensively available and that repairs were not too difficult to do. After five or six times out, I finally had two successful flights today, meaning I kept the bird in the air for the full battery life of about 6 minutes and was able to maneuver it well around an open field.

I haven’t been able to work the drone well in headless mode, but that might still be me. It would have been really nice to have that feature working while I was learning to see the quad’s orientation during my early attempts. When the thing was headed too far away from me and I couldn’t turn it toward me, my first reaction during early flights was to ditch.

I am a novice flier and I bought this quad mostly for training purposes. My expectations were that if I could learn to fly this toy, I could easily handle the more expensive GPS/gimbal equipped drone I plan to buy. This was to be my “crash dummy” and as such it mostly fulfilled my expectations.

Syma X8G Drone with 8MP HD Camera Review

The X8G's 1080p 8MP camera is Syma's answer to the GoPro. As such, this quadcopter's video is very good. Take a look for yourself. You can find the Syma X8G via Amazon here International viewers buy it here

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