Top Race® Hexacopter Drone
Price : $29.99
Brand : Top Race

Top Race® Hexacopter Drone UFO 4 Channel 5 inch Quadcopter 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro TR-MQ6

This could possibly be the very first nano hexacopter to hit the market! And on top of that, it flies great! It also has nice LEDs for night flying. It banks well, does funnels and is very fast! I would say, the only downside to this multirotor is its tiny transmitter. Prop guard is removable. I did find one controller that works better with it;-RRB-.

The Top Race TR-MQ6 is not just another quad copter drone, its a Hexacopter Drone with its unique UFO design with a size of only 5X5 inches. The Top Race Nano Hexacopter Drone; TR-MQ6 is very well built, made out of metal and hard durable plastic easy to fly With 3 Speed Mode Options High speed, Normal speed, and Low speed, for indoor and outdoor use. This Mini Drone also has the ability to fly with Mode 2 or Mode 4 (which changes the spin and directional sticks), Controlling distance is About 65 Feet, with this Mini Drone you can perform Flips 3D stunt flying.

Hexacopter Review: Top Race Hoverdrone Nano

Full review and demo flight of the Top Race Hoverdrone Nano Hexacopter.

*I returned this model and received a new one. It has not given me the delays I was experiencing so far. I must have got a bad unit the first time.*

$35 RTF

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