Top Race TR-Q511
Price : $44.99
Brand : Top Race

Top Race TR-Q511 4-Channel Quad Copter Drone with Camera, 1 Key Return & Headless Mode Option

I was so excited to get this drone and try it out. When I got it I went through the instructions a couple times to make sure I knew exactly how to operate this, the instruction manual is very easy to read and follow although it is kind of out of order and set up weird but that does not make it harder to understand.

When you first get this drone it does have a small charge so you can try it out as soon as you get batteries in the remote and read the directions. It does take some practice to get into a rhythm and flying it smoothly, I crashed it quite a few times while trying to figure it out and it never broke or got damaged. I was so happy that it got up and flew as soon as it hit the ground with no damage done to it.

I love the camera, I was able to take video and pictures while it was flying through the air. The only negative about that is when you are recording the remote beeps the entire time and that makes me not want to fly it very long but I just record for a minute or so and turn it off. It takes really good pictures and videos that are clear and easy to transfer onto your computer. To transfer the pictures you just have to take out the memory card slide it into the included USB stick and import the videos and pictures. Sadly, when I took mine out the little metal piece stayed in my computer while the rest came out. I was able to get the piece out with some pliers and thankfully it snapped back onto the plastic piece and is still useable.
Because it does not affect the product itself and it can be fixed without damage being done, I still gave it 5 stars with this problem.

The TR-Q511 Quadcopter Drone is an amazing Quad copter and probably the most stable Drone with a camera in the market comes equipped with a built in camera and video recorder, built with a 6 Axis Gyro System for extra stability which makes it a great buy even for those new to drones, comes with a 2.4 GHz Transmitter for outdoor and indoor use, and a range of over 300 feet. The TR-Q511 has a special 1 key return feature so you can bring back the drone to you if you lose control or you are too far away, just press the return button and it will automatically fly back to the transmitter, another great option this Drone has is the Headless mode option which makes it very helpful when you fly too far and don’t know the direction the drone is it will respond to the transmitter pulling the lever will bring it to you pushing the lever will take it further hence the direction of the drone.

Top Race TR-Q511 QUADCOPTER Drone with 1 Key Return, Video Camera 2G Micro SD Card

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