True Folding Sunshade for DJI Phantom
Price : $19.95
Brand : UAV Blue

True Folding Sunshade for DJI Phantom and Inspire Controller

This is a brand-new Item from UAV Blue. It is a flexible Sunshade for a 7.9″ or 8″ tablet computer installed to the DJI Lightbridge Controller for Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 1, Inspire 2 and Lightbridge 2. It is a completely different product compared to compared to all leaving Sunshades for the DJI drone controller. It is made from molded ABS sunlight immune plastic. When not in usage to shield the tablet computer and to be mobile, it is crafted to fold flat over the top of the screen. No flapping folding sides to obtain in the means. The sunshade guards the tablet computer from sunlight and strong ambient light. When not in usage, it could then be folded up over the tablet computer display. Guides on the back of the sunshade framework guarantee a safe install to the tablet owner. The tablet as well as the sunshade can also be removed as an unit when folded protecting the tablet for storage space or transport. Fits iPad Mini 2,3,4 as well as Samsung Tab S2 with intermediaries for USB Cable. Can be adjusted to various other tablets by drilling an opening for the USB. Fits all 7.9 as well as 8″ tablets.

My Small 2 pad fit excellent and also both installs to the controller really securely like it’s created it, It opens up and also Closes ideal, protectes the screen when closed very slim design.Cuts method down on the glow, I can currently see the screen a lot more clearer, Than You P4

Update to Master Series Sunshade

Sunshade updat

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