UDI U818A-HD RC Quadcopter Camera Drone
Brand : Hero RC

UDI U818A-HD RC Quadcopter Camera Drone UFO

The Hero RC Exclusive UDI U818AHD Advance UFO Quadcopter Drone comes in a slick black and red paint scheme with 6 axis gyro stabilization

I won’t bore you with another robotic advertisement style review. This drone has been the first one that I have ever flown and it was pretty simple to get the hang of, definitely not graceful yet but I can get it around at the least.
Now, it is a very light drone and will struggle with anything over a light wind as a result. It is often quite windy here, as I live in a valley, and this little drone can make headway but only just.
If you aren’t careful and it can really skew your judgement of distance, this thing will fly upwards for ages. Only was a con as it attracted the attention of a hawk and I had to bring it down way out in the field as a precaution and it was a bit of a jaunt to retrieve it from the tall grass, but it was definitely a testament to the range of the remote which is impressive.
The flip function is cool, when you are outside. When you accidentally engage it inside in close quarters, not so much. It somehow managed to not hit anything but it did startle me a bit, maybe my dogs more so, but I can say that was operator error and I shouldn’t have been attempting to learn the controls indoors anyway.
Honestly, for what they ask for this drone it is a good purchase as a cheap entrance into the RC drone world, at least for me it has been.
Only real complaints are that there is no easy hover mode to maintain position and that the battery only lasts about fifteen minutes but you do get three of them and I wasn’t expecting much more life out of such a light drone.
Oh, I haven’t used the camera feature as there isn’t much worth looking at in this valley but maybe I’ll update this if I bring it anywhere worth taking a video. I really just got it to fly around so it may be ages before I even put the SD card in it anyway.

It has built in LED lights which is perfect for night flying. It also comes equipped with the “Return to Home Function”, simply have the back of the quadcopter pointed at you and active the u818 and the function will fly backwards towards you.

The on board camera films videos and take pictures by controls from the 2.4 ghz transmitter.

With its headless mode feature, you will not lose your flight orientation ever.

It is capable of 360 loops and high speed flight. Two flight modes offer enhanced performance.

It features advanced flight stabilization with its built in 6 axis gyro. This keeps the quadcopter level and stable and translates to less control inputs needed from the pilot to maintain a hover. The stabilization system also aids flying in light winds.

The U818AHD is controlled by a state of the art 2.4 GHZ transmitter. You can switch between flight modes by pushing a button on the remote. Pushing one button on the transmitter switches the quad to high performance mode for high speed flight when you get comfortable with how the quad feels and handles. The protective body helps guard against crash and collision damage. When the battery charge gets low, the transmitter also emits a low voltage warning!

Size: 13.3 inches by 13.3 inches
HD Camera: 1280x720p
Battery for helicopter: 3.7V (500MAH)
Charging time: 60 minutes Flying Time: 6-9 minutes
Control distance: About 300 feet
Suitable for: Ages 14+

1x UFO Quadcopter RTF w/ Camera
1x 2.4Ghz Digital Transmitter
1x 2 Channel Balance Charger
3x LiPo 3.7V 500mAh Battery
2x Set of Blades
1x Manual
1x 4GB Removable Micro SD card
1x USB Card Reader

Required to Fly:
4AA Batteries for Transmitter

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