UPair 2.7K Video Camera Drone
Brand : UPair

UPair 2.7K Video Camera Drone with 7 inch FPV Screen Live View

Upair 2.7K is a newly released quadcopter which make improvement in camera performance on the basis of Upair 2K,while only 10 USD price gap for 2.7K,allowing you to capture superb aerial images and videos.

After our initial flight using the factory-charged battery, my son and I took the unit home to recharge the battery for the next flight. Much to our dismay, we discovered that the battery is defective and will not accept a charge.

It has an integreted gimbal camera, Can you set it up to follow you around while riding a bike or jet ski or boat?- this generatiom can not support follow me while riding, but the next generation can do that.

Send an extra pair of prop for free if buy during 18th Dec.~25th Dec.

Total Weight:1350g
Max flying distance:800m
Max video transmission distance(in open filed): 400m
Max flight height:300m
Propeller:9450,match DJI Phantom3 prop
Flying duration Full-load(1350g):approx.18mins

Packing List:
1x UPair Quadcopter
1x Remote controller+ FPV Monitor(Transmitter)
1x Gimbal+Camera
1x Aircraft Battery
1x Charger
1x RC battery
2x set Prop
1x User Manual
1x Quick start guide Please prepare a Class 10 high speed 16G TF card by youself.

Tips before/during a flight:
1-Check all the component and accessories carefully once you receive the package.
2-Don’t charge the drone and controller battery at the same time.
3-Mount the prop following the manual instruction.
4-Camera doesn’t require to be charged, which is powered by the aircraft battery.
5-Don’t fly indoor, choose a wild open area, far away from crowd, trees,lake,etc. Choose an area where less radio interferecne.
6-Search satellites carefully to get a full GPS lock before take-off.At least 13 satellites.
7-GPS position hold mode suggested to be used. Carefully carefully use the IOC mode or Altitude mode.
please kindly do not charge drone battery and RC battery at the same time,which will cause damage to battery and charger.

UPAir One 2.7K 30 fps Poniszowice z drona


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