UPair Drone
Brand : UPair

UPair Drone with 2K Camera, FPV Monitor Transmit Live Video

No damage what so ever to the quad or blades. All I had to do was plug the gimbal back into the quad. Yes, it’s a very good quad and is easy to operate and solid.

Battery charges quick, item has power and fly time is super. It lacks in video quality. Gets about 80ft away and reception from the camera cuts out.

Total Weight: 1350G
Battery Type: Lithium battery with a full capacity of 5400mAh (With the function of battery level display,autobalance of charging and discharging)
Propeller: 9450,same with DJI Phantom 3 propeller.
Wheelbase: 355mm
Motor: 2212
Maximum Horizontal Speed (in GPS Mode):14m/s
Hovering Accuracy (During a Safe Flight): Vertical: 1m Horizontal:1.6m
Duration of Auto-hover: Full-load (1350g): 18min
Remote Controller Working Frequency: 2.4G Communication Range (in open areas):max 800m
FPV Working Frequency: 5.8G Maximum Communication Range (in open areas): max 500m
Brushless Gimbal Accuracy of Angle Control:+/-0.2degree
Controllable Rotational Range: Pitching-30 to 90degree
Maximum Controlling Rotational velocity: Pitching:15 /s degree
Camera Lens: Backside Illumination CMOS chipset, capable of recording videos of 1080P@30FPS Time-lapse photography.

**1, if low power, how to fly the aircraft back?
During a flight,when the battery voltage reach 10.6V or less, the “Auto Return” function will be triggered, which will make the aircraft fly back to home point.
**2, Does the aircraft work well with Gopro camera? Can I replace it with Gopro?
No,it doesn’t,camera and gimbal is integrated, can’t use a separated camera like Gopro.
**3, Does the aircraft have lights in the night?
Upair drone has arm light to indicate drone direction, red light is head direction, blue light is rear direction.

Box Content:
Upair One Quadcopter X1
Gimbal + Camera X1
RC Battery Charger X1
RC Battery X1
Drone battery Charger X1
Drone power battery X1
Remote Controller + FPV Monitor X1
9450 Propeller X2
User manual x1
Quick start guide x1

UP air one new demo flight (Courtesy Banggood)

Review: http://www.drone-maniac.com/test-air-one-second-chance-air-chase You can find this product at: http://www.banggood.com/UPair-UP-Air-FPV-With-12_0MP-1080P-SONY-HD-Camera-2-Axis-Gimbal-RC-Quadcopter-p-995265.html?p=YL2512105842201212FR
Music by SeByDocKy

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