Wifi Camera Quadcopter-X101
Brand : Tokky

Wifi Camera Quadcopter-X101 FPV Drone 720P HD Wide-Angle Camera Live Video

Looking for a safe, easy, and affordable fun time? Tokky MJX X101 FPV Drone with Wi-Fi Camerais the best choice for you.

Sturdy Flying Machine:

Featuring highly anti-collision elastic plastic protective frame, it is a very well built and strong enough to handle more crashes that regular quadcopters. Excellent for beginners and casual flight amateur.


Include advanced barometer to automatically maintain flying altitude. Very simple operation. Once sync, push up the throttle control stick the drone will fly at your desired flying altitude.


Comes with a FPV 720P HD C4018 Camera with Wi-Fi FPV Real Time Transmission. Offering you a wonderful experience to have a sense of the world from your smart device with all new FPV Real Time feature, you can download and install the FPV software to your Smartphone and then enjoy it. Limited by WIFI feature, the distance is about 100 meters, please beware!
It’s also compatible with most action camera: Gopro Hero, SJ4000, SJ5000 after changing the mount (Excluded).
My 2nd quadcopter as well as this thing is fantastic! I have actually crashed it numerous times but it always jumps right back up. Controls are very receptive as well as it is simple to get the hang of. Just one minor disadvantage: the props are little difficult to mount. Before this I had a UDI discovery, it was harder to obtain excellent photos because the electronic camera is repaired, its aiming down, you have no concept what its actually seeing, you need to regularly focus on maintaining the drone consistent because it impacts around in the wind because of it’s light weight as well as the pictures truthfully just weren’t that wonderful anyhow. In addition to those batteries lasted around 5 mins an item. The x101 comes with 2 batteries each one can last 8-10 minutes.

I first had a problem with the blades, it’s a little tough to set up. Prop appears will not connect with equipment given, i called seller got a solution that it will not affact use and also needs to mount it with client, lastly it functions. The consisted of documents was lacking a lot of details, but there are lots of Youtube videos as well as various other resources to learn the important things you have to recognize to fly securely. It took a little time to get the flying down, and now it is a blast. I improve every single time I fly it. Brainless mode took me time to find out, but once I did it functioned like an appeal! Very secure flyer. Extremely long lasting. I have actually collapsed this a couple of times, it took some nasty beatings as well as still flies exceptional.

Important Note:

• The quadcopter motors wear naturally the longer you fly it due to the heat generated. Please make sure to cool down the engine and board circuit after 2 or 3 flights to extend their durability.
• The HIGH CAPACITY 1200mAh battery usage time is about 8-10 minutes. We recommend that you prepare an extra battery (include) to avoid running out of power during your fun time.
• The MJX controller defaulting to Mode 4, it tells you what Mode its in on the LCD screen, please check prior to take off avoiding any crashes.

What You Receive :

1 x Tokky MJXX101 Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter (4 x AA batteries NOT INCLUDED)
2 x 7.4V 1200mAh Li-Po Batteries
4 x Protection Frames
1 x Battery Charger
4 x Blades
1 x User Manual

MJX X101 FPV - Max WiFi Video Range Test

I've got this crazy idea how to boost WiFi signal and increase WiFi FPV video range camera with more powerful WiFi to USB adapter from Asus.
MJX X101 Quadcopter + MJX C4008 720p WiFi Camera.

Asus AC56 AC1200 USB 3.0 Wi-Fi Adapter - $69.99 http://amzn.to/1PajTfC
Buy MJX X101 RC Quadcopter - US $54.67 http://goo.gl/3qc0Jv
Buy MJX C4008 720P WiFi FPV Camera - US $30.98 http://goo.gl/66uXpl

MJX X101 forum thread http://techcat.ca/threads/mjx-x101-quadcopter-mjx-c4008-wifi-fpv-camera-for-android.194/

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