ZEROTECH Dobby Pocket Selfie Drone
Price : $149.00

ZEROTECH Dobby Pocket Selfie Drone FPV With 4K HD Camera

I must say this is a nice little drone. I have small and large. I like this one because if size and features. Out of the box I updated the firmware which I highly recommend. Flight was perfect. It performed as described. The other features worked as should. The bad thing about this drone is the battery is quite expensive as compared to the Breeze which I also own. The other problem is finding parts for it. Can’t find blades for it. I would recommend to sellers to offer blades and blade guards and battery as a Prime option. No one wants to wait on replacement parts from China. Plus seems the ones that are offered are not in stock or not available.
If needed, this is a nice drone but need to be able to get parts online somehow. Motors, battery, blades body parts ect. If this company wants to sell alot of these for the holidays they need to make parts available in Amazon. Done people like replacement parts because we crash we get scratches we ding blades.

Foldable so it is easy to transport. The packaging box that comes with it are reusable and pretty good quality.

I have crashed it several times as the English instructions were not available at the time I bought it. One of the arm “popped” out but I managed to put it back and I can fly it again.

3. portable and size make it so feasible to carry it anywhere.

4. view from Hand phone. Save you carrying another remote control.

5. It took me 20 minutes to fly the drone without crashing. It’s very easy to learn.

Some Concerns that we have with this Drone:

Battery doesn’t last for 9 minutes outdoor. It lasted about 5.30 minutes. The 1st 2 minutes are required to track satellites before you can fly. After 30 minutes, you can fly without log into satellites. Battery require 2 hours charge for a 5 minues fly time. It is NOT 9 minutes as claimed.There is no port for micro sim for external storage. You have to use the drone internal storage. So if you cars into the water, you cant download into your hand phone. A 4K resolution? You gotta be kidding me. It can be very shaky. Resolution for photos are Not of high standard but reasonably acceptable for amateurs. Had my finger cut when I attempted to take off from my hand. I did not have the English instructions at the time I bought it. It was originally advertised at USD315in several website but now, it has gone up to nearly USD450 and above. For this price, you might as well wait for Xiaomi drone.

With runway modeling, patented folding technology
A small pocket selfie drone,can be put into your pocket and can be charged with a charger pal.
With gesture interaction, face recognition, auto follow, voice control, and somatosensory control function.
It can be hover indoor and be very stable.
With 13MP HD camera,4K image acquisition,1080P video recording
Support shooting modes of real time, continuous photo taking, time delay pictures and beauty shoot.
No need the remote control, touch the app on your mobile then it can fly.

Manual X 1
Propeller X 4
Charger X 1
Zero Dobby drone X 1

ZeroTech Dobby Pocket Selfie Drone in Fresno CA USA

Test flight of the new ZeroTech Dobby Drone in Fresno CA

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